Infrastructure, Intersection and Architecture

Holger Kehne, Jeffrey Turko

'There is no diagram that does not include, besides the points which it connects up, certain relatively free or unbound points of creativity, change and resistance.'
- Deleuze, Foucault

If architecture returned to the diagram, might it locate these 'unbound points' within its own practice? Might it configure the material intersections of infrastructure, technology, topography and geometry within its own diagram, productively engaging with an ecology understood as environmental, social and subjective?

The pursuit of this possibility informs Diploma 12's agenda. While staying focused on the potential of infrastructural networks and nodes, we now shift from indexical to diagrammatic means, from the process-driven and conjectural to the performative and pragmatic. The diagram engages directly with local forces and conditions; it explores architectural performance and potential dynamically and in situ.

Guided by this methodology, we will propose a new 4,300km-long high-speed train line stretching the length of Chile, from Antarctica to the Tropics. All along the line, a string of railway stations will engage with radically different local conditions.